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Client Reviews

Im a big fan! I used them for some lighting in my front yard and around my pools. Picked PB Lighting because of the reviews and I was not disappointed! Jeremie was prompt and professional, along with that they did great work! They did a flag lighting in my front yard, some lighting around bushes and my my backyard pool area quite the oasis. Highly recommend, and I will definitely be using them in the future! - Clinton

Landscape Lighting

From the landscaping, to the property to the home itself, lighting brings an extra dimension to trees, gardens, walkways, entrances, planters and statues.

Lighting Up South Florida

Outdoor Lighting

The artful application of light turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Makes what was just another home a showplace that adds beauty and value to your most treasured asset.

Christmas Lighting

We pride ourselves on the ability to create spectacular one-of-a-kind Christmas lighting installations.

Custom Outdoor Lighting

Holiday Lighting

Whether it’s the full moon effect of a summer’s eve, an outdoor dinner party or the light up the season joy of Christmas time, we are the experts and the artists who make magic happen every day.

Home Audio Systems

We create the sophisticated yet simply designed electronic systems in luxurious homes, offices, and yachts in Palm Beach Counties.

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License# EC13002411

Insured# TJGHM-R