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Holiday Lighting Installation – Jupiter, FL

Whether it’s the full moon effect of a summer’s eve, an outdoor dinner party or the light up the season joy of Christmas time, we are the experts and the artists who make magic happen every day.

Turn your home into a Holiday Spectacular with the insured and bonded creative artists and engineers at Serenity Lighting Systems in Jupiter, FL.

For 11 years, we have created custom designed indoor and outdoor Christmas displays that are professionally installed, removed, and stored in our warehouse – all to take the added hassle out of the holidays.

Christmas Lighting Installation - Jupiter, FL

Client Reviews

Amazing! Contacted Adam and after sending him a few photos of my house, he gave me a very competitive quote so I booked an appointment right away. On installation day, they came on time and finished hanging up the lights quickly. The results were amazing--beautifully wrapped palm trees and icicles along the roof of the house. We got a small section of lights on one of the palm trees go out a few days later and Adam came out the same day I contacted him and fixed it. I'm so impressed and will definitely be a repeat customer. - Michele Aaron

What to Expect

The initial visit we will walk through the property together. We will discuss the scale & scope of the project; gather contact information, take pictures of the property and locations of accessible power in order to create a lighting design that is best suited for you.

Following this, a proposal will be presented via email with details explained enabling you to make a decision to move forward with the installation. Once a decision has been made, a clear outline will be presented, as well as a start & completion date.

All warranties will be available in writing. Also we will offer recommendation for maintenance or service to upkeep the system, once it is installed.



  • Our average home projects are $2,000 – $4000, we also do installations for commercial properties
  • If you want to go all Griswald’s Family Christmas, we enjoying going big too
  • Our projects start at $2,000
  • We customize designs for each project
  • 10% discount for 3 year service contract

Benefits of LED

There are a number of benefits to LED Lighting Systems:

  1. Less Energy Use – You will not see much of an increase on your utility bill.
  2. Easier Upgrades – LED lamps can replace halogen lamps in an existing system and allow you to add more fixtures to an existing transformer.
  3. Long Life – Lamps last longer, reducing the time and cost associated with replacing halogen bulbs.
  4. Safer – Lamps operate at lower temperatures so there is less of a chance someone would be burned if they touch a fixture or starting a fire if there is a lot of organic debris near fixtures.

LED may end up costing a bit more up front depending on the system you wish to install. The good news is you will save money over the life of the system with lower energy bills. Due to the energy use, a smaller transformer with smaller gauge wire can be used.


Why should I consider a holiday lighting professional?
Our lighting experts are professionally trained to install and maintain a variety of different types of low voltage systems, but more importantly to assist the home or business owner in completing their specific lighting objectives. We will help in all aspects from planning, design, installation, and maintenance with a high level of professionalism.
Will installation of one of your systems harm my yard?
Serenity Lighting Systems is completely conscious of our customers needs and make sure that all the work is done by hand. We remain conscious of utilities and irrigation that could potentially cause problems.

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